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KDDI Global is one of the industry’s largest and most lauded providers of international voice termination services. We are the US subsidiary company of KDDI Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 Company that stands out as Japan’s largest Cable TV provider and second largest mobile provider. As a leading telecommunications company on the global stage, KDDI generates more than $42 billion in annual revenue.

Having earned a reputation for our outstanding quality and service, we are here for the long-haul. As a nimble and flexible company, it is our duty to embrace and develop long-term partnerships. We welcome original thinking and are willing to experiment with new business approaches to test the boundaries of what’s possible.

KDDI Corp. enables more than 14 billion voice minutes and retail traffic per year from over 50 million mobile subscribers in Japan and the United States of America (MVNO).

As a subsidiary of one of the largest telecommunication companies in the planet, KDDI Global has access to a worldwide network of 600+ partnerships.

Our parent company’s scale acts as a genuine competitive advantage, and also represents the base upon we have built our business. Relentlessly focused on quality, we look forward to keep working towards a reputation of excellence in all our operating areas.


KDDI Global Awarded Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Award

KDDI Global Awarded Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Award

KDDI Global has been awarded ATLANTIC-ACM‘s 2015 Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Award in the Midsized-and-Under Service Provider division for Network… Read more »

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